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Why Hire A College Counselor?

Even if you've been through this process before, the admissions landscape is always evolving.

Expert College Guidance Vector

Expert Guidance

Bright Admit knows what needs to be done and how to do it. 

The average high school guidance counselor juggles over 400 students in their caseload*. You and your student deserve more one-on-one support!


More often than not, parents have to pick up the slack and dedicate endless hours to the college search and application process. Let Bright Admit take care of that for you.

With Bright Admit, you'll have a seasoned expert helping your child, answering your questions, and creating a roadmap. 

Reduce Stress & Empower Your Student Vector

Reduce Stress & Empower Your Student

In Fall 2022, applications to selective and highly selective colleges increased by 45%. Acceptance rates at these colleges have hit record lows, and students are feeling the pressure. 


Bright Admit will help break the process down into manageable steps, keep your student organized, and empower them to take ownership of the process.


Results matter, but so does the journey. 

And, if your student needs it, Bright Admit is willing to play "bad cop" so you can keep the peace at home. 

Data-Driven Strategy Vector

Data-Driven Strategy

College admissions can sometimes feel like a "game." But, there are strategies Bright Admit can employ to help you play it with a competitive advantage. 

There's no need for students to have an unruly college list. Using the latest available data, Bright Admit will help your student build a manageable and balanced college list.

Bright Admit loves to set expectations early and consistently- all informed by data. 

Data also informs how Bright Admit advises our younger students, particularly as it relates to course selection and summer programs.

*Source: The American School Counselor Association
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